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Windows 7 goes but Linux comes

    Support for Windows 7 is finally phased out - search for alternatives begins

    Windows 7 goes but Linux comes

    As of January 14, 2020 the time has come - support for Windows 7 will finally be discontinued. The license still works but there are no security updates or the like. If the PC is also used for web services, problems will almost inevitably occur. For many people, the easiest option would be to upgrade to Windows 10.

    However, this will not work for every user: Windows 7 probably runs on an older computer that will struggle with a resource-hungry operating system like Windows 10. What users need instead is a lightweight, efficient operating system that is, of course, virus-resistant. Linux is the appropriate alternative.

    In addition to the increased demand for computing power and memory, the opaque situation of what happens to the data transmitted to Microsoft is a cause for concern for many users. These telemetry functions cannot be switched off completely and even the parts that can be switched off are hard to see and difficult to access.

    Why replace Windows 7 with Linux?

    Almost any computer running Linux works faster and more securely than the same computer running Windows. The architecture of Linux is so lightweight that it is the operating system of choice for embedded systems, smart home devices and IoT. The Android operating system is also based on Linux.

    In addition, there are a number of versions of Linux (distributions) that are specifically designed to run on older hardware. While the number of distros is initially overwhelming, it still increases the chances of finding the right system for you. In addition, websites such as Distrowatch and Distrochooser help with the selection.

    Because Linux is open source, users and developers benefit from a community that regularly updates the code. As a user you can be sure that all necessary security patches are done and as a developer you can benefit from working on the code as well as creating innovations and checking previous code. A side tip: For practical reasons, Linux beginners should first avoid small distributions and exotic programs: These can quickly disappear again or no longer be updated, so that a change is necessary.

    Further advantages under Linux

    Updates cause regular tantrums among Windows users. With Linux, you can determine if and when updates are made, so that you are not disturbed in your current process. Linux can also be changed in such a way that it gets a Win-7 look if you feel more comfortable with it. There are no limits here, as already mentioned here.

    Games, video players etc. are already pre-installed in some distributions or can easily be installed later. There is no obligation to have a customer or cloud account as with Windows, but cloud services can be connected if desired.

    TUXEDO Computers offers pre-installed devices

    TUXEDO Computers offers devices that are already pre-installed with a Linux operating system: Users can decide whether they want to use a Ubuntu Budgie LTS or an openSUSE with different desktops. The advantage here is that everything is preset so that the device runs right from the start and all necessary drivers are available.

    In addition, all customers receive device support on their laptop and can contact the German-speaking support team if they have any questions. In addition, customers receive 10 GB of storage space on the myTUXEDO Cloud - a cloud system whose servers are located in Germany and are operated in accordance with German law and data protection - for their device.