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TUXEDO Control Center 2.0 introduces new modules

Our TUXEDO Control Center (TCC) is a comprehensive tool that allows you to control and monitor safety, performance, energy, comfort, and durability functions of your TUXEDO. In the new version of the TCC 2.0, three new modules are built in to offer you more convenience when accessing your hardware.

In the Tools section you will find the new Keyboard Backlight and Webcam modules, and in the Settings section we have made the Tomte driver configuration service more accessible for you. In the following, we present the new settings in detail. The new TUXEDO Control Center 2.0 is automatically available to you via the system update.

Keyboard Illumination

Until now, you could only control the keyboard illumination of your TUXEDO via the configuration file of the keyboard driver tuxedo-keyboard. Brightness and colour values could be specified there as options. With TCC 2.0, setting the keyboard illumination has become much easier. This applies to units with white, coloured and 3-zone illumination the like. You can use it to graphically change the brightness and colour values within the scope of the respective unit. However, this does not mean that a previously purely white illumination now becomes colored or that a colored illumination learns to display three color zones.


When you open the webcam module, your likeness immediately shines out at you. This means that you can directly see the effect of the settings you have made. Below the live image you will see the two buttons Basic settings and Detailed settings. Under the Basic settings, you first select the corresponding webcam if several are installed or connected. Then you can set the contrast, brightness, and resolution.

In the Detailed settings, you can get down to the finer details. Here you can make settings in six areas, including exposure, colour balance, white balance, saturation, and gamma. You can save the adjustments you have made as profiles in the top right-hand corner via the diskette symbol and call them up by name under Basic settings >> Presets. The presets set in each case are restored when the unit is restarted.


Tomte is a configuration service that only works with TUXEDO hardware, where it automatically detects your device and checks for missing drivers or required packages, thus relieving you of tedious troubleshooting and problem-solving. The small program automatically inserts the appropriate solutions, such as entries in GRUB or another configuration. Until now, you could only read out Tomte via the command line and control it if necessary. Under Settings >> Tomte you will now find a module to graphically communicate your preferences to Tomte.

To achieve this, first select the desired operation mode. You can choose between the modes Full Service, Updates Only and Disabled. Depending on your setting, Tomte takes over all pending tasks for the items you have activated or only takes care of the corresponding updates. If you have selected Disabled, the configuration of the device is entirely up to you. If the configuration is incorrect, you can reset it to the default settings using the button below.

Other changes

In the Profiles tab, you can now export and import all profiles, including custom ones. Two bugs in the previous version have been fixed. The inadvertently hidden profile editing control panel is now visible again. Additionally, the availability conditions for fans have been changed so that fan control is no longer displayed for unsupported devices. Overall, TCC 2.0 is a big step towards even more usability for you as a customer.