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Keep it private
with full hard disk encryption

Encryption of TUXEDO Computers systems with LUKS-LVM

Königsbrunn (Germany), 4th March 2019. TUXEDO Computers is dedicated to data protection: Last year, users could already deactivate the Intel Management Engine in TUXEDO devices. And since the end of 2017, BIOS-side deactivation of webcams, microphones and wireless technologies has been possible. Now TUXEDO Computers is adding another option and now offers the possibility of full hard disk encryption.

Festplattenvollverschlüsselung bei TUXEDO Computers ab Werk oder per WebFAI

Working with sensible data

"The subject of data protection is a permanent theme in our company - we have a large number of customers from various professional groups who come to us precisely because they have sensible or valuable data that they want to store and process securely. We share this awareness and because of the frequent requests we want to offer our customers the greatest security possible at this level," says Herbert Feiler, CEO of TUXEDO Computers.

Proven cryptographic technology

Customers have the choice of receiving the encryption ex works or setting it up later via WebFAI. Full hard disk encryption is generally used to protect user data in the case of loss or theft. TUXEDO Computers uses LUKS-LVM ("Linux Unified Key Setup" and "Logical Volume Manager"). Here the data carriers are divided into two areas: a minimal unencrypted partition with boot information and the remaining part as so-called Logical Volume Manager. The last one is a kind of container, which contains the common partitions for root, swap etc. Exactly this container and all its data are encrypted with LUKS.
The encryption of a device is a complex issue with far-reaching consequences; in the worst case, customers can no longer access their data. Here, it is also advisable to make a backup beforehand.

Festplattenvollverschlüsselung bei TUXEDO Computers - Startbildschirm

Instructions for full disk encryption with TUXEDO Computers devices

In order to be able to set up the concept as automatically and conveniently as possible, TUXEDO Computers stores a standard password at the first start, which is only valid during the initial setup and is then deleted. If customers have requested an encryption ex works, the system is already installed and prepared.

Customers can find everything else on the subject of full hard disk encryption ex works and via WebFAI independently from home in the appropriate instructions with screenshots that can be downloaded and printed.