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Tailor-made OS for your TUXEDO: TUXEDO OS 1 available as ISO

It took blood, sweat and tears - but now TUXEDO‘s first own live-ISO is ready. After about half a year of work on development, testing, documentation and design, customers and interested people finally get the chance to try out TUXEDO OS and install it individually. While the program selection is identical to a classic WebFAI installation, the ISO version offers some special features.

Live Mode

Known from many other distributions and often requested by customers to try out the TUXEDO system. At startup, the language and keyboard layout are queried. These settings are also applied in a possible later installation. The system is installable from the same ISO, both encrypted and unencrypted. A corresponding prompt appears before the installation starts.

Individual Partitioning

This allows TUXEDO OS to be installed next to other systems without deleting their data, as with a TUXEDO WebFAI. Also, any partition size is possible, as well as btrfs or XFS as file system besides ext4.

Autorepair function

Autorepair, Chroot, Installation... useful tools at hand! Existing TUXEDO OS installations can be automatically repaired with one click with the help of our customized tools Chroot and Tomte. Of course, this does not fix every problem, but it is recommended as a rescue attempt before a complete reinstallation. System information can also be sent directly to an existing support ticket, if the customer wishes. This way, you can still read the system information of a non-booting system. Especially for pure end users, this can be very helpful!


Here, an existing TUXEDO OS installation is mounted and switched into with root rights, in order to be able to correct problems manually. Setting up a chroot usually means entering a couple of not easy memorable commands, our 1-Click-Chroot takes this off.

Integrated WebFAI

The data of a TUXEDO WebFAI stick is directly integrated in the ISO and can be selected right in the boot menu - also in installed form! A separate stick is thus largely superfluous. Data is available for both PCs and notebooks.

Download, information and help

All info can be found in detail at: tuxe.do/os

The direct download inclusive checksums and complete package list ("manifest") can be found here: tuxe.do/iso. We have prepared a number of articles that cover a wide range from beginner info to tips for experienced users:

We're happy to hear comments, critique and ideas on it via e-mail or as an issue on our GitLab project.

Full Linux support at all levels

Customers not only receive Linux notebooks and PCs with the best possible Linux support from TUXEDO Computers, but also all drivers pre-installed as well as the company's own optimized Linux distribution TUXEDO OS based on Ubuntu with KDE Plasma Desktop. With the TUXEDO Control Center (TCC) all security, performance, power, comfort functions as well as the battery life of the TUXEDO can be controlled and monitored. And with the "fully automated installation" there is also the possibility to restore the Linux system to the current delivery state within a few minutes and with just a few clicks.

A comprehensive online support section, the free hotline and consulting via e-mail are also available for customers.